“ABV klas” was founded in Ukraine in 2004.

We pride ourselves in being a creative design studio, having the ability to provide high quality signage solutions for our customers’ unique identity needs. Our prices are very reasonable and our service is fast.

Our companny are the key to optimizing your personal or business-related projects. At WindyArt, we provide you with the flexibility to upload any of your designs, graphics, logos, or photos to be professionally projected onto any of our rigid signs.

We currently carry a number of different rigid sign materials, available to accommodate your needs, including: Foam Boards, PVC and Polystyrene Boards, Cardboards, Corrugated Plastic Boards and more, coming soon.

You can use these durable signs for advertising, campaigning, wall art, promotions, events, openings, real estate, and so much more. There is no limit to what you can do with our tough rigid signs, and with proper care and storage, they will continue to perform for a long time.

We offer full color prints, single or double sided, different sizes, and large quantity prints. We can also provide different mounting materials if needed. Get your rigid sign prints started with foam boards, then come back soon when all the other rigid signs are live!